About Us       

We’re best friends, we’re married, and we’re business partners. We are from Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner), and now reside in Long Beach, California. We love our Golden Retriever, Scout, watching movies, and traveling the world. Ezra is a seasoned filmmaker with eight years of wedding video experience and a feature documentary under his belt. Amanda is a wedding video enthusiast. She loves the craft so much she watches random wedding videos regularly and bawls her eyes out for complete strangers. Her degree in Public Relations and experience in the tech industry also brings a unique flare to the business. Together, our experience and passion make us a perfect fit to capture the best day of quirky and cute couple’s lives and craft it into something beautiful they can cherish forever.

Our Process

A wedding film is not a science or an art. It is craft. There is structure, color, movement, and pace but they all are secondary to the main characters. What sets our pieces apart is the personality of the bride and groom coming through the screen. Our goal in each video is to capture and convey the true essence of these two individuals that are becoming one, to laugh and cry about them now, and teach future generations who these people are.

The best way to tell a true story is to first understand the source material. To do this, we like to get to know our bride and groom. We want to sit down with them and grab a coffee or a cocktail, hear their origin story, and find out what their heart beats for.

We’re excited for each opportunity to become a part of wonderful couples’ love story by crafting something lovely for their family, friends, and future children.