Four Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

Weddings are expensive. We spend a ridiculous amount of money on all the hoopla. When I look back on my wedding day, even as absolutely perfect as it was, there were some things I imagine I could have gone without - a wedding video is not one of them.

I love speaking with new brides, each with their own differences. Some have had their big day planned since they were two while others are hoping it all comes together in time. What I am most surprised about is that many brides decide to go without a wedding video to cut costs. I know I’m biased considering my profession, but let me tell you why I think that’s not a great idea from the perspective of having once been a bride.

Before I go into my reasoning, I want to preface that you can obviously make whatever choice is best for you and your partner. If you’re on the fence though or just unsure, then take these points into consideration.


As mentioned above, weddings are expensive, but in the grand scheme of things wedding films don’t take up the largest chunk of the budget. Here are some things that seem small but add up.

  • Think of alternative catering options. If someone had Chick-Fil-A at their wedding, I would always remember it as the best wedding ever.
  • Find a cheaper venue
  • A friend helped design our invitations and programs and we printed them at FedEx. You can also nix programs altogether… they just get thrown away.
  • Borrow wedding jewelry, veil, etc. I know most people want their own dress- trust me I did too- but these other items aren’t remembered nearly as much and are practically brand new.
  • Have a friend or family member DJ the reception and ceremony music.
  • Don’t get married on a Saturday, my hubby and I married on a Sunday in the summer and no one felt the difference - at least we didn’t.
  • Flowers. Flowers are expensive. I set a hard budget and my florist did an incredible job making things work. Flowers are absolutely stunning and I love them, but they do not make the entire day. Your bouquet is important but beyond that choose less expensive centerpiece options with flowers spread throughout.
  • Get a venue that doesn’t need much decor, thus reinforcing the fact you won’t need as many flowers.
  • Honeyfund that Honeymoon. Honeyfund allows people to give money specifically for your honeymoon. After using credit card miles for our flights, our week in Maui was completely paid for.


  • Use someone who’s just breaking onto the scene. They will do it often for very cheap. When my husband and I were starting out we did a few for free because we were trying to build our reel.
  • Pay someone the money to shoot it and give you the footage, unedited. You can find someone to edit it once you have more money down the road. Editing is the time consuming and expensive part but the day can be captured with a readily available DSLR.
  • Reach out to a local college film club. Students are always looking to make money and learn.


We share our lives through video: Instagram stories, shared videos on Facebook, Facetiming friends far away. With the amazing advancements in technology, we can see exactly what’s happening somewhere around the world right now. Having a video of your day is the best way to share the experience of your celebration of love. There are always friends and family who can’t make the wedding but would love to share in the excitement. Only bridal party members get to see the getting ready process but a video gives everyone a window into those nervous hours before, “I do.” And unlike the flowers, the music, or the food, your video will last forever. Film lasts forever. 


Our wedding day was a blur.  A video to look back on helps you relive moments you forgot, catch things you missed, and see it from a different perspective. Watch your hubby getting ready before he was your hubby. See the big smiles of guests arriving. Remember that swirly first look. Now you can relive those crazy butterflies again and again. A video shows you what really did come together, the greatest of which, is the two of you.


Amanda + Ezra