Our Origin Story

Gently Crafted was a tiny desire I didn’t know lived deep in my soul until my loving, encouraging husband pulled it out of me. Driving down the 405 one day, Ezra was sharing his stress regarding all the editing projects he had going on. I asked him if there was anything I could do to help. Sarcastically he said, “Not unless you can edit a wedding video.” That’s when I had my lightbulb moment. I naively said I would love to edit wedding videos if he’d teach me the craft, and that was his lightbulb moment.


See for me, someone who randomly stalks weddings of people I don’t know, this seemed like a dream come true. On a nightly basis,  I cuddle up with my Golden Retriever, Scout, and I scroll through Instagram, Facebook, and Vimeo looking for the latest and greatest in bridal inspiration, which always leads me down a rabbit hole of wedding videos. The chance to actually be a part of shaping one of these pieces was exhilarating. Somehow the thought had never crossed my mind even though the answer was always right in front of me. Ezra was thrilled to have someone to share the workload with in pulling selects from hours of footage and whittling it down to a few minutes. He needed a helper and was excited to share his process with me. My husband is a natural teacher, and he genuinely enjoyed teaching me his custom keyboard shortcuts, all the technical lingo, and watching me learn a new skill.


By the time I handed the cut back to him to take over, I was sold. I absolutely loved each second of editing the wedding video! I knew I wanted to work with brides and grooms on their wedding days to make beautiful short films. I believe wedding films are living proof of the promises we made, the love we declared, and moments we shared. A good wedding film captures the goals and essence of a couple. In mine and Ezra’s video, you can see from our secret handshake that we’re both pretty weird, but you you can also hear from the pastor’s words that we love Jesus and vow to put Him first. We want to make wedding videos that embody the spirit of each couple and shares their unique story.

The last two years have been sweet and wonderful but they’ve also been full of challenges and trials neither of us expected to face. This world is screwed up and we know the toughest challenges are still ahead, but  we stood there, in front of everyone, and said we wanted to withstand the good, the bad and the ugly. A wedding video captures the hope we held walking down the aisle and reminds us of the sweet naivety that allows us to think we can do anything. We want to harness this hope because sometimes we all need a little reminder to choose love.

With Love,                                                                                                                                                       Amanda