Important Things to Consider When Hiring A Wedding Filmmaker

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For those of you planning a real wedding or dream wedding, this post is for you. Some brides and grooms know right away who they want to hire to make their wedding film, while others have no idea where to start or if they even want one. Most couples choose based on budget, which is understandable, but there are other factors to consider without going over your budget.

Number One: Personality

Pick someone you like and want to be friends with, because you’ll end up with a better video and a better experience overall. This team is with you each moment of the day. They are there during times of stress and the most intimate first look. For you to have the best experience possible, you need to feel comfortable. We always suggest meeting with our couples for a coffee or Skype date before they hire us. We want to make sure we’re a good match; we can tell the most authentic story if you feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable.

Number Two: Budget

Let’s face the fact that a majority of us do not have endless amounts of money for our weddings. Most of us actually need to stick to a budget, so we often look for the least expensive choice when hiring a wedding video company. Here are a couple guidelines to consider in regard to budget:

  • Set a range you’re willing to spend, then do your research. It’s like going into the dress shop and trying on the gown that’s beyond what you can spend. It’s heartbreaking.

  • Don’t solely look at the price; look at what comes with the price. You may want to choose the cheapest option but fail to notice that it’s only a 3 minute cut or you can’t get the drone footage you want. Look at what you get for the price options available, because it makes a difference.

  • This might not be popular advice, but if you meet with a pro who you’re obsessed with and find out they are beyond your budget, try asking if they will work with you. There's no harm in asking, and sometimes they can cut their hours or figure out a package that will work for you.

Number Three: Product & Style                                                                     

Find the wedding video you wish was yours. Look for brides you identify with, venues that feel like yours, and a style you love.  You can’t hire someone and ask them to do things you haven’t seen in any of their work. Know what they're capable of and what you want. Do you want a short highlight trailer? Or are you passionate about bride and groom interviews? What about voiceover? Or rehearsal dinner speeches? Are the vows significant? Do you want something really unique or traditional? Think about what you are looking for and then go find that. In the same way you’ll book a photographer because you love their photos, you need to love your videographer’s videos. And not just one, but a few. Your video will look, feel, sound, and move like the rest of their pieces and if you’re not in love with their work, you’ll be disappointed.

Number Four: Will The Filmmaker and Photographer Work Well Together?

Photographers and wedding filmmakers work side-by-side on your big day. Ask yourself while booking each professional if you think they would work well together. Consider asking your photographer for a recommendation of wedding videographers they enjoyed working with in the past. If you have someone you like already, connect them over email before the big day. It’s important you have team players on the line-up. Of course they each have individual creativity, but the more they work together the better results you’ll get. Two heads are better than one. They both have creative elements they can bring to the table, but just make sure they’re in sync.


We hope this helps. Please comment or message if you have specific questions.

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