Ingrid + Josh Proposal: Life With You Is an Incredible, Never-Ending Karaoke Party

A couple months ago a dear friend of mine called me up and asked Ezra and I to film his upcoming proposal. These are the calls we wait for - not only because Josh is a close friend, but because we LOVE proposals. Filming them are a rush of nerves, excitement, joy, sneaking around, tears, laughter, and this one would happen to include dogs which we personally could not turn down. 


I met Josh in 2013 when we both started teaching at the same school in Fort Worth, TX. We quickly became friends, both teaching math and enduring our first year of Teach for America together. He mentioned on multiple occasions his girlfriend, Ingrid, who he had met while attending the University of Texas, which we'll forgive them for (Boomer Sooner). He and Ingrid were long distance because she was finishing school, so when I met her a few months later I was in awe of her spirit. She's radiant and her joy permeates throughout every room she enters. It was clear to me they were the perfect match - Ingrid keeps Josh organized and together, while Josh keeps Ingrid centered. 


Josh wanted this proposal to be perfect for many reasons. Their relationship has gone through long distance, moving cross country to the Bay Area, and co-parenting their adorable pup, Stewie. He also really wanted this proposal to be amazing because he made a minor mistake just a few months before and wanted to make up for it; in all the excitement of finally buying the perfect engagement ring, he went to pick it up and immediately took a picture to send to his sister. Without thinking he accidentally clicked Ingrid's name on his phone and before he knew it, she was texting back thinking he was proposing in a text message! He really wanted to make up for this small error and make this proposal not only grand but a huge surprise. 

He decided to surprise Ingrid on a Friday afternoon just before they were leaving for a weekend in Texas. She was assuming he would propose in Texas with family, so she was clueless to his scheming. Ingrid goes to Lake Merritt with their dog every Friday - Josh decided he wanted to surprise her along the walk back home to her apartment. We set up across the bridge from where she takes Stewie to play. This setup included a group of their closest friends, signs with photos from their relationship and a projector slideshow including an outdoor karaoke session with one of their favorite songs. 


As Ingrid started crossing the bridge to walk home, the generator went out! This would ruin everything because the slideshow and microphone would have no power. Josh was panicked that this perfect proposal would fall a part. I'd love to write about the ending, but I think it's best we just watch the rest of from here. Enjoy this beautiful proposal and maybe grab some tissue before you watch.